Updated  10/19/16


Kairos Outside is a non-profit ministry designed to support the wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc of men and women who are incarcerated. This is done by providing a safe environment with Christian people and the opportunity to interact with women in similar situations. After the weekend, the women are encouraged to meet regularly in prayer and share groups, and to attend quarterly or semi-annual reunions. We believe that women are “doing time” right along with their loved ones, and we want to let them know that there is a Christian community who cares about them and their needs. Since the first weekend in 1999 Oklahoma has hosted hundreds of women as guests. These women have discovered the hope and love that comes from the support of a Christian community.

Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to be a part of this life changing ministry. You can support these retreat weekends by prayer, financial donations, serving on a Kairos Outside Team or as an Angel behind on the scenes for the weekend. For more information, email kairosok@kairosoklahoma.org.

There is no charge to the ladies to attend this weekend, so the Kairos community and the team will raise the support necessary. If you would like to help, make checks payable to Kairos and mail checks to:
 Kairos Outside
 PO Box 30073
 Edmond, OK 73003.

Two very special parts of the weekend are open to the outside community. You may participate on Sunday for Flowers at Dawn (5:30am) and the weekend Closing (2:30pm) The community is invited to arrive 30 minutes prior to each activity. You do not need to complete applications to attend either event.

Kairos Outside for Western Oklahoma:

KOWO #31 Rescheduled for June 2 - 4, 2017, Location: tbd

Contact Information: Jim Key at kairosoutside@kairosoklahoma.org