Ways To Participate

Updated  2/15/16


We need 5 - 6 thousand dozen cookies every weekend. That is not a typo, it is true. Everyone in the prison gets a dozen Kairos cookies when we are there. It is a Kairos trademark that lets everyone know we are there to Listen, Listen, Love, Love. We have special recipes to follow and encourage any one to help. Make sure the dough has no nuts or fruit.


Green Agape

It requires about $125 per resident to conduct a Four-Day weekend. If you can help us, please send your donation to: Kairos Inc, Oklahoma District, P. O. Box 54383, Oklahoma City, OK 73154-1383. We are a non-profit corporation.


We cook meals for all the residents experiencing the weekend, for security staff, and for the Kairos volunteers. All the meals are cooked outside of the prison and brought in twice a day. If cooking is your thing, give us a call. We can use your help.


Kairos Prison Ministry does not work without prayer. Kairos volunteers know it is not them doing the work, rather it is the Holy Spirit working through them. There are prayer chains for each weekend, people praying every minute the four-day weekend is in session. Your prayer is encouraged and appreciated.

Place Mats

Place mats are made by different groups and are used for all the meals. Many times they are made by children in a bible class. They should be signed with first name only and age. There is nothing that softens the hardest heart more than a place mat that says "God Loves You" and is signed by "Susie, age 9".


As part of the Kairos Four-Day weekend, the residents are allowed to receive letters. Many times these will be the only mail a resident has ever received while being incarcerated. The letters should be signed with the first name only and we will give them to them.The letters are sacked in special bags and given to them.

Inside Team

This is the ultimate participation in a Kairos team. Men, for male prisons, and women, for female prisons, enter the institution and by "Listen, Listen, Love, Love" become the tools of the Holy Spirit and help the residents experience the love of God. It is an awesome experience. Inside team members should have completed a Four-Day weekend such as Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus to be eligible to enter the prison. They must be badged as a volunteer by the institution and attend the team formation meetings. If you are interested, contact us.

More Info

Contact us at: KairosOk@KairosOklahoma.org